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About the company

We create a platform for automated communications that solves 3 issues: intellectuality, functionality and agent fault-tolerance to become a leader in a development field integration and its application in Eastern Europe.

We have already managed to launch several successful businesses ranging from providing server equipment rental services to IP communication services. The team of experienced DevOps was initially strengthened by professional VOIP engineers and in 2016 software and machine learning developers joined the team. The team uses SCRUM framework.

The story and main steps


The idea of creating a voice agent able to conduct a dialogue with a client. The development team was built and MVP was made.

4 – person team


We collected several cases for introducing agents and spoke for the first time at the NAPCA conference with the voice agent abilities demonstration. We signed the first major contract.

10 – person team


We entered new markets and increased call amount by 3 times. We created a Microservice infrastructure with horizontal scaling ability and high fault-tolerance. We introduce the voice recognition, speech synthesis, emotions and gender definition and analytics service.

17 – person team


We improved omnichannel so that agents can manage clients by different channels. We made the integration into all popular messengers and all leading CRM-systems possible.

28 – person team


Our goal: to win 70% of the market share amongst outsourcing contact centers service.

100 – person team


We pay special attention to the security and protection of our intellectual property.
We regularly analyze development trends and make a competitive analysis of well-known technologies preventing any possibility of violations of third person’s rights or a waste of time on “unnecessary” developments.
We ensure the safety of all decisions within the company, carefully resolve the intellectual rights and information confidentiality issues.
We promptly prepare all the main technical solutions for registration as inventions and computer programs, create long-term plans for entering foreign markets and submit foreign and international requests.
We strive for the quality protection of our brand negotiating with international organizations.

By now we have received Russian invention patent for “Automated voice-activated question-answer system” , 4 Russian invention applications, 1 Eurasian application and 1 PCT application have also been filed. The computer program is registered and 3 programs are being examined now. A trademark certificate has been received and the trademark application for other goods and services are under the examination now. In 2020 intangible assets twofold increase and a strengthening of the positions abroad are planned.
Получено 3 российских патента и подана 1 заявка на изобретение «Голосовая роботизированная вопросно-ответная система и способ ее автоматического взаимодействия с электронным устройством пользователя». Зарегистрированы 3 программы для ЭВМ. Получено свидетельство на товарный знак, и заявка на аналогичное обозначение проходит экспертизу по существу в отношении перечня других товаров и услуг.

В 2020 году планируется двукратный прирост нематериальных активов и усиление позиций за рубежом.

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