You only pay for monthly iteration with clients. Editing and adding new agents are free of charge.

Services Costs
Outcoming call From 0.07 $ / min (our trunk)
From 0.06 $ / min (your trunk)
Incoming call From 0.06 $ / min
Emotion identification on request
Gender identification on request
Data storage on request
Background noise selection on request
Telephone number validation (Verification by the Rosreestr base) on request
Russian federation calls using original feature on request
Answerphone identifier (AMD Answer Machine Detector) on request
Downloadable database relevance check on request
IVR bypass Beta
Extra services
Call-center operator account (with a phone call solution provided) 90 $ / year
Call-center operator account (with a chat solution provided) 90 $ / year
Caller ID spoofing registration 2 $ / telephone number
Personal agent development
Agent development, business introduction, process integration, support and optimization From 1000 $


Uralinnovation LLC is included in the register of operators processing personal data No. 66-21-007184