Voice agents

Reduce your costs for call center employees by 50%, increase calls efficiency by two times without getting your customers annoyed.

What’s inside


Emotions and gender

Agents define the gender, emotions, mood, etc by a client’s voice and adapt to it.

Human speech

Agents communicate with any possible tone, support several languages, set the communication manner.


Neural network

Routing, logging, analysis, training and omnichannel.


Twin integrates with any IP, PBM and CRM system via API interaction with the Redis database, RabbitMQ, Postgre SQL.



Scalable VOIP infrastructure for incoming and out coming robotic calls.

Thousands of calls

Supported amounts of 4000 cps for simultaneous connecting lines (25000 lines).

Fault tolerance


Each solution consists of several services: if something happens your processes will not be stuck.

99% uptime

Database placement in two data centers Selectel and Selent with high-performance servers.

Using Twin voice

Incoming calls

If you get tons of incoming calls and you need to respond promptly to all of them without missing any you can record information automatically form a report and give it to the operator


If you work in the field of medicine, HoReCa, rent, passengers transportation - you can book by phone. Twin will automatically send the information to your CRM-system and fix the date please car or a specialist.


Receive and manage income requests for products and service purchases. Sell, inform about sales, renew subscription or remind about expiration of insurance certificate license or something else.

Debt reminder

If you work in the financial sector you can inform thousands of debtors, send the payment details after an agent’s call, update the information about the subscriber in compliance with 230 Federal laws.

Order status

You can set up phone notification of order status changes or enable an agent for incoming calls to manage customers requests.


You can find weak points of your company activities and improve the service quality by the means of automated polls.

HR/Job interview

Specify CV information, update it with new data and set a meeting date.



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